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We are farmers. We grow what we sell.

At Nitty Gritty, we believe grain should be held to the same standard as the rest of your plate. As it has become customary to ask where our meat and vegetables are grown - why isn’t the same question asked of grain? Our wheat and corn is organically grown right here in Vermont, by our family.

We started Nitty Gritty because we believe that small-batch grains taste better and are better for you. As the Vermont farmers behind the grain we sell, you can trust in the care we take to bring you the best quality product possible.

Vermont Grown, Certified Organic, single source Grain


owned and operated by a 7th generation FARMING FAMILY


Farm to Table

Our grain comes from our farm. Single-sourced and small batch, each of the Nitty Gritty products are certified organic. As stewards of the land we care not only about sustainable farming methods to produce the grains inside the package, but we also make the package itself compostable. Whether you’re a home baker, local restaurant, market owner, or someone that supports sustainable, local Vermont agriculture, Nitty Gritty has the grains you need.



Local FarmS relY on community.